Use Cases

FENTEC will design, develop, implement and demonstrate the usefulness and real-life applications of FE. The security, efficiency, expressiveness and versatility of the new FE approach will be showcased in three use-cases.

This use-case provides a digital-based currency as a one-to-one counterpart to physical, money centrally-distributed or issued as convenient as debit and credit cards, without its privacy issues but still allowing some opportunities of taxability or auditability by governments or its taxes agencies:
In this use-case we prototype a secure key distribution method that facilitates the controlled distribution of data, in particular the firmware, among a vast number of IoT devices, as required for device management and orchestration purposes while providing the fine granularity to select particular devices and scalability
In this use-case we address the privacy-preserving computation of data analytics. Specifically, we focus on the computation of statistics over large usage data. Statistical functions include mean, standard deviation, number, sum and min/max, to name a few examples.