Paper: Unbounded ABE via Bilinear Entropy Expansion, Revisted

Authors: Jie Chen, Junqing Gong, Lucas Kowalczyk and Hoeteck Wee


We present simpler and improved constructions of unbounded attribute-based encryption (ABE) schemes with constant-size public parameters under static assumptions in bilinear groups. Concretely, we obtain:

    – a simple and adaptively secure unbounded ABE scheme in composite-order groups, improving upon a previous construction of Lewko andWaters (Eurocrypt ’11) which only achieves selective security;

    – an improved adaptively secure unbounded ABE scheme based on the k-linear assumption in prime-order groups with shorter ciphertexts and secret keys than those of Okamoto and Takashima (Asiacrypt ’12);

    – the first adaptively secure unbounded ABE scheme for arithmetic branching programs under static assumptions.

At the core of all of these constructions is a “bilinear entropy expansion” lemma that allows us to generate any polynomial amount of entropy starting from constant-size public parameters; the entropy can then be used to transformexisting adaptively secure “bounded” ABE schemes into unbounded ones.