Join to our Functional Encryption Hackathon: Challenges, Applications and Use Cases!

8th-15th Jan’21

Functional Encryption (FE) is a new cryptographic paradigm that overcomes the all-or-nothing decryptability barrier of present encryption systems. In an FE system the decryptor deciphers a function over the message plaintext instead of the message itself.  An application of functional encryption is Identity Based Encryption (IBE) which is ideal to solve key management issues. Or Attribute based Encryption (ABE) that allows a finer-grained decryption policy. Or Inner Product Encryption (IPE) facilitating the decryption of statistical functions. Loosely speaking, FE may be seen as the non-interactive dual of multi-party computation (MPC). FE has numerous applications in the field of privacy-preserving computation, including private AI and business analytics.

Tremendous advances by the research community have been made in the last decade to increase the functionality, security and performance. FE schemes are ready for large scale deployment in industrial applications. The hackathon aims at showing the practicability and versatility of FE for real-world applications and exploring novel use cases beyond what is imaginable with classical encryption schemes. The hackathon also aims at reducing the entry barrier for researchers, engineers, product owners, architects to deploy FE schemes in their security solutions. 

The hackathon begins with a series of invited talks, giving a soft introduction to the field of functional encryption. Towards the end of the hackathon, teams will present their results. Prizes will be awarded in total of €7000 to the best hacks. See for more details and judging criteria.

Target Audience

(under)graduate students
PhDs, postdocs
software/security engineers
solution architects
Innovation scouts
the curious mind
Alice and Bob

Key Facts 

8th-15th Jan’21, online
win prizes in total of 7k EUR
invited talks introducing the theory & practice of FE
mentoring during hackathon
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