D7.2 Final specification of FENTEC prototypes

This deliverable defines the final technical specification for each of the FENTEC use-cases. It is an update to the initial technical specification published as deliverable D7.1 taking into account the experience gained from the initial implementation work presented in deliverables D7.3, D7.5 and D7.7.

The ATOS digital currency use-case is specified as a comprehensive set of relationships between the various actors in the scenarios presented. Initially, this use-case was intended to be built on top of the GNU TALER system. This proved to be impractical due to the complexity of the TALER code and the difficulty of integrating the FENTEC library into the system.

During initial prototype development it was therefore decided to write a system with similar functionality to the TALER system but with much lower complexity. Several other components of the initial design have also changed functionality, for example, the “Issuer of Trust” module was upgraded to include traceability and has been renamed to “Trusted Authority”. The second scenario is still under development and will be presented in the updated use-case report D7.6.