D2.4 Annual Dissemination Report & Material Y2

This deliverable D2.4 "Annual Dissemination Report & Material Y2" describes the dissemination activities and their outcomes for the rst project year Y2, from January 2019 (M13) to December 2019 (M24). This deliverable and the described activities belong to the WP2 of the project titled \Dissemination, Communication, Standardization and Exploitation" and, in particular, to the following tasks: T2.1 \Dissemination planning and networking", T2.4 \Standardization", and T2.5 \Project advisory board". The emphasis of this deliverable is on the results of T2.1. The task T2.2 \Communication activities" will be discussed in detail in D2.9 \Annual Communication Activities Report Y1". T2.4 and T2.5 are also shortly surveyed in this deliverable.