D2.3  Annual Dissemination Report & Material Y1

In this deliverable D2.3  Annual Dissemination Report & Material Y1  we present a summary of dissemination activities of FENTEC during the rst project year (Y1) from January 2018 (M01) to December 2018 (M12). The deliverable focuses on the scientic activities and outcomes of FENTEC by presenting scientic publications and event participations. The communication activities and outcomes are not in the scope of this deliverable as they are discussed in D2.8 \Annual Communication Activities Report Y1". In addition to scientic outcomes, this deliverable also presents overviews of standardization and PAB activities. We also update the dissemination plan of FENTEC for the second project year (Y2) from January 2019 (M13) to December 2019 (M24). The original dissemination plan was described in D2.2 \Dissemination Plan" submitted in June 2018 (M6).