D2.2. Dissemination Plan

This dissemination plan describes specific plans for communication and dissemination activities of FENTEC. The communication and dissemination of the results of the project is of utmost importance for FENTEC. The objective is to maximize the impact that the project will have in the scientific community and the industry, as well as to benefit the wider public and society. The communication and dissemination actions will run for the entire duration of the project from the beginning in January 2018 to the end in December 2020.

FENTEC targets its communication and dissemination actions to specific target groups in order to maximize the impact of the efforts. The main communication activities are the web page, social media, industry events and press/media. The main dissemination activities are scientific publications in relevant scientific conferences and journals, as well as participation and presentations in various scientific conferences and workshops.
All partners take part in communication and dissemination activities, assuming different roles depending on their profiles. The universities focus more on scientific dissemination of research results, whereas the industry partners focus on communication and dissemination for industry events. These activities are organized in WP2 of the project, which is led by UH. The communication activities within WP2 are led by ATOS, dissemination by UH, standardization by KU Leuven, and the PAB activities by ENS.